Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to be a good Christian man

According to Steven L. Anderson, "real Christian men" can't sit down to pee. He has this bizarre rant about the bible demanding that men stand up to pee, because it uses "those that pisseth against the wall" as an occasional epithet referring to men.

He details how no man in Germany stands to pee (I'll give you a moment to drag your eyebrows back down from your hairline here), and he's seen signs in private homes and public restrooms that say "No Standing to Pee." This is obviously a sign of the apocalypse. He's fighting it, though. The next time he goes to Germany, he declares he Shall Never Sit to Pee!

Aside from the question of his ah, factual accuracy here, something really strikes me. He boldly states that the way to show you are a Real True Christian is to ignore societal rules and your host's gentle request, and be a rude, self-centered, splashing-on-the-tile boor. Yep, that's about my impression of Christianity in America.

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Humanist at Home said...

Oh my, he sounds like a real sweetheart. :) LOL Having said that, of course I must add that my best friend in Germany has a husband who WILL NOT SIT DOWN TO PEE, and it drives her crazy, because #1 it appears he needs to lean on the wall with one hand and has left a permanent hand mark there, #2 the entire toilet bowl is always covered in little yellow drops. ICK!!! Please sit down. :)

And thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I didn't know about the Mark Twain quote and am quite happy to r4ead it.