Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A pop culture hymn

So the kidlet has been in YMCA preschool since September, and just as in daycare, they have taught them Christian stuff. However, without the background and support of a Christian household, it is interesting how this knowledge gets integrated into her experience. I think she thinks Jesus is either a regular person, or a character in a story, and that's all. She was telling me a story the other day about a friend taking someone's balloon and giving it to Jesus, and how that wasn't nice, and you shouldn't give other people's things away.

They also say grace before snack time every day, but the teacher tries to make it "fun," for instance by using the Superman theme song tune:

Thank you God, for giving us food
Thank you God, for giving us food
And we praise you
And we praise you
For giving us food

(She's not much of a poet, IMHO)

Last week, the Kid laid this one on me, as a bedtime song:

Thank you God, for giving us food
Thank you God . . .
Barbie, Barbie, Barbie, Barbie!
Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior,
Aww-man, Aww-man

And to think, I was worried she would be indoctrinated!


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Brigit said...

Your kid is seriously awesome. Totally brightened my day :D