Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hmm, maybe Someone is upset with me

Though I think it's more likely to be Eris, Loki, or Anansi than Yahweh, given that the events are annoying and stressful, yet decidedly lacking in murder, rape, and grievous bodily harm.

The baby seems to have colic - an odious and stupid diagnosis which means simply, "Your baby cries all the time and we doctors don't know why." On Sunday the Kid came down with a cold. Not a proper, lying on the couch with no energy watching cartoons cold, but a snotty nose that makes taking her to daycare unethical, while still allowing her to bounce around the room saying, "MOM, watch this!" ten thousand times an hour.

Then yesterday I went into the garage and wondered idly why my car's windshield was wet, when it was raining, you know, outside. Then I remembered those shingles that blew off the roof last week. The upshot - thank goodness it didn't leak into the house proper, but the garage ceiling may be toast, and the roofer can't work on the leak this week because it's supposed to rain every day. This, during a severe drought. You see why I suspect a trickster god, don't you?

So later that day I was surfing the web and my computer locked up. Turns out my hard drive is toast, the partition didn't work and everything is corrupted, and thank goodness I have an awesome and intelligent husband who has managed to resurrect most of my data, but I am currently using the Kid's computer to post while he works on things.

I better wrap this up so I can go sacrifice a chicken to whoever.

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