Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Interesting art incorporating breastfeeding

Sadly I can't find a very good image of the photograph, but Kate Kelly just won an award for a photo riffing on the madonna and child motif, called All Things To All People. She says it was party inspired by obnoxious comments against breastfeeding in public.

It looks to me like the subject is wearing a business suit, and has a sexy black lace bra showing, which also happens to be a nursing bra. So I guess a woman is expected to earn a degree and get a high powered job, look gorgeous and sexually enticing, and be the perfect mother, all at the same time.

Interesting . . . I can't see a wedding ring on her finger. Kathy Dettwyler has observed that ads in parenting magazines regularly show bottle-feeding women wearing rings, and breastfeeding women without them.

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